Pulscode is hospital management system and electronic medical record (EMR) system that enables you to manage every aspect of the hospital workflow from patient registration, capturing vitals, evaluation, radiology, theater, inventory, billing, insurance, finance and reports.

Pulscode Cloud

Pulscode Cloud is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) model ideally for small hospitals and clinics is  where different modules like Patient Registration, Out Patient & In Patient Management, Patient Billing and Finance, Laboratory Information System, Radiology, Pharmacy Management, EMR, Reports and Analytics plus modules are deployed as service.

Facilities can easily scale their requirements from a few modules/users to add on as they expand. You can start with a very minimal subscription amount without on-site infrastructure. Our cloud platform provides reliability and zero downtime for the clinics. Patient and medical records are stored safely as the facility grows day by day. 

Security is often as good and allow access level permissions based on user roles. No one from other platforms will ever get access to any of your data and we devote resources to solving security issues that many customers cannot afford.

For smaller hospitals, clinics and physician practices, in particular, ePuls Cloud will be extremely cost-effective.These is because you do not need to have an IT staff, buy expensive servers, in-house infrastructure or worry about hosting your data. 

Pulscode Enterprise

Pulscode Enterprise is an Integrated Health Information System (HIS), is a web based, 3-tier, comprehensive, modular and integrated HIS that automates the functionalities of healthcare establishments. With over 24 modules covering the various aspects of Kenyan healthcare. The platform is built with a firm foundation based on extensive interaction and key inputs from the hospital users all over the country. We have benchmarked most of our modules with most level 5 hopitals in the various counties. The platform also follows international guidlines & standards and it relies on internationally accepted / used guidelines and practices. The platform is HL7 complaint. Current and emerging standards in IT & Telecom and Healthcare Bioinformatics play a fundamental and significant role in the roadmap of the product.