Samerior Group is a full service technology consultancy. We provide breadth and depth of expertise while maintaining a personal touch of a boutique firm.

Custom Software Development

We develop enterprise-grade software solutions

If you have a unique issue that can’t easily be solved with other software or application implementations, it’s time to look for a custom built solution. Using custom software or applications can help your organization in a variety of different ways. A tailored suit is going to fit you better than one off the rack, just as custom applications will fit your exact needs better than something off the shelf.

CRM Consulting​

CRM applications arrive without configuration to meet the needs of your industry, team, and processes. If you’re just getting started with a new platform, our team of Dynamics CRM consultants can help you define scope, design the solution, build it to spec, deploy the application, import data, and improve processes as the system is adopted.
Improve sales with our Customer Relationship Mangement

Business Intelligence Consulting​

Get reliable Business Insight

We provide a reliable business insight. Our data surfacing technique offers predictive data from simulation models. Our broad experience and diverse solutions will help your business reach its potential.

Web Design and eCommerce​

Crafting the perfect site for your organization takes work and effort. Your site is who you are, a representation of your brand and vision. Don’t skimp or settle for something less than what you need. We’ll build you a site that is as functional and reliable, as it is visually stunning and impressive. We’ve recently been named one of the best web developers in the region, giving your site the best that the world has to offer.
E-Commerce made possible

Mobile Application Development

We develop high quality apps
Samerior Group is a full service consultancy. We breathe life into your concepts through screenshots, prototypes, and UX models. Our project development teams deliver high-quality apps and deploy them across desired platforms and app stores. Then, our marketing team can help you with the appropriate campaigns and messaging to get the app on the devices of your target market. DG helps you from beginning to finish creating a high quality product with the end goal in mind. The experience is seamless and there are no disconnects between concept to market.

Business Process Outsourcing

We Can Handle All Your Projects

Our BPO service can save your business both time and money. We’ll take the needs of your project or operations, and handle it through our BPO team. You will see periodic progress reports along with the final project results upon completion. We’ll handle all the staffing, project management, and operations.

Our team can handle any operation or project that you can articulate in a statement of work.

We Can Handle All Your Projects

Infrastructure IT Consulting​

Find the best infrastructure for your platforms

– Managed services
– Cloud services
– Deployments