Where can custom software development take a business? If you have a unique issue that can’t easily be solved with other software or application implementations, it’s time to look for a custom built solution. Using custom software or applications can help your organization in a variety of different ways. A tailored suit is going to fit you better than one off the rack, just as custom applications will fit your exact needs better than something off the shelf.

We offer a full cycle of custom software development which include enterprise applications, web applications, ecommerce, desktop,mobile apps and even content management solutions. We use a wide range of technologies, PHP, NodeJs, Android,IOS, Jave, C#, and many more

Software Development Technical Skills

Samerior group has over 30 full time developers developers and additionally 20 consultants. Their skills range from UI designs, web development, mobile and desktop appdevepment using technologies like .Net, PHP, C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, NodeJs, React, Angular and many more. Our mobile apps are built for all platforms including Android, Windows and IOS (iPhone) . We use a variety of tools , IDEs depending on customer preferences or technical resource preferences. 

Some of our technology stack

We make it our policy that all software developers follow international standard coding conventions and best practices for all types of projects. This guidelines are well documented and all our employees, in whichever project, use industry’s best practices. We adapt this development guidelines to any particular customer project. We ensure the security of the platforms we have built and do penetration threat prevention and perform a security audit before deploying or delivering the application.

Our Methodologies

Agile Methodology

Samerior Group generally follows the Agile development approach. The Agile methodology provides flexibility to make prompt changes according to customer requirements, which results in a better client satisfaction and continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.

All our Scrum Masters are formally trained we offer internal training to developers as well. Agile development approach allows greater adaptability and much shorter response time to requirements’ change. Plus, it is ideally suited to the user-centric applications and projects with multiple stakeholders. Modular fully functional deliverables allow modifications and in-line corrections. The progress is precisely tracked, because daily communications ensure that everyone is on the same page. Concentration on the priorities allows more time to get the most important features done right.